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Hi, I'm Anne.

This creative journey has taken me on a long one. Starting at college where I specialised in textile design. Moving on to becoming a visual merchandiser to bathroom designer and interior stylist. 

Then I became a mum of two beautiful baby girls, pretty much putting everything on hold! Now both girls are at school, it is now time for me to go back to my passion of arts, crafts and textiles, oh and bags!

I started off getting back in to abstract art, creating pieces for family and friends and from here I have done a few craft fairs. As much as I love painting on canvas, I did start to go back to my roots of textiles which is why I have now created my tote bags. I have loved using metallic and think this will stick with me for a while!! Especially now everyone needs a bag for shopping, why have a boring 5p one when you can have a funky one,going from day to night, school run to beach bag! 

Thanks again xxx